Apple sitting in font of a mirror


Apple is a sleek white tom who usually wears a brown shirt.

General InformationEdit

In the beginning of the series Apple was a snobby Prince who didn't care about anyone or their feelings.Towards the end of Heart's Desire,he began to show feelings for her.In the second book Apple spent more time joking with Lily.His manners are not perfect,and often Lily laughs at him because of it.

Heart's DesireEdit

Heart's TrialsEdit

Family TreeEdit

?--↓--?                                    ?--↓--?

Amythest--↓--Vole                              Stone|Coal--↓--Emerald

Miki     --↓--   Jewel|             Apple--↓--Lily Rose|Ripple|?

Cedar|Ember|Apple II                 Ripple|Pebble|????