Lily Rose is a dappled grey she-cat with grey eyes. She usually wears a golden dress.

General InformationEdit

Princess Lily Rose,Heir of Whisper is the only surviving kit of King Coal and Queen Emerald.She is kind and noble and adventurous,but also very protective.After her marriage she had two sons, Pebble and Ripple,whom she cares for deeply.
Grey Cat

Lily Rose

Heart's DesireEdit

In Heart's Desire,Lily is a young princess being forced into marriage with Prince Apple.Thinking Apple is a snob,the princess ignores him and falls for Westy,a handsome servant.Towards the end of the book,Lily realizes Apple actually cares about her and they proceed in their marriage.
Superior Cat

Lily resting in her room.

Heat's TrialsEdit

In the second book in the series,Lily is a mother,with two rascally boys.When the boys are trapped underground,Lily worries desperately.After the rescue,she is seen to be stern,determined,and ready for anything.According to Ripple,the boys are not allowed to have race foxes till they turn thirteen,and Lily confirmed it after Pebble came in with a broken arm.

Heart's BattlesEdit

After the meeting with Queen Alexandra and her family,Lily and Prince Apple go home,only to recieve a letter from Princess Python,the daughter of King Viper.She tells them in her letter she wants the land they live on.Because of this, King Coal sends his warriors to war.

Lily fears for Apple during the war and is overjoyed at his return.

Towards the end of the book,Lily becomes insanely mad with Ripple and Pebble after they break Emerald's favorite statue.

Family TreeEdit

?                           --↓--                          Astrid

Stone | Coal --↓--Emerald

Prince Apple--↓--Lily Rose|Ripple|?

Ripple|Pebble|Almond|Ocean|Rose Lily