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    Hey Everyone.It's time to see...

    Are you royalty,or are you Undercat material!?

    You can earn a list of limited edition badges.There are two kinds:Royal and Undercat.When you edit a page from one of these categories it takes you a step closer to earning the badges!

    But let's make it harder:All the royals ars a team.All the undercats are a team.How many points do you earn for the badges?Add it with the rest of your team's!But watch out,if a royal earns undercat badges they lose points!

    To join in,post your username(or,if you are from BlogClan like I am you can just post your warrior name) and team below,then begin earning badges!

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    Welcome to the Heart's Desire Wiki!We are so excited to have new friends here to help us edit our pages.But before you begin,please take a moment to look over this:

    When creating a character profile,please include an infobox.Always include the three main sections:

    This is where you describe how each cat looks.

    Sometimes this is listed as Personality.This is where you describe the behavior of the cat.

    Using lines and symbols you include the parents,children,and siblings of the cat you are describing.

    Other sections include Heart's Desire,Heart's Trials,Heart's Battles,etc. Which come after personality.This is where you describe what the cat did in that book.

    I hope this makes it easier for you to read and create pages,and I hope you enjoy your ti…

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    Gigglekit here with an update on the newest Heart's Desire book!As always,it will be posted on the BlogClan wiki.But it will also be posted here and the two first books will be moved as well.

    Now,the actual announcement: It will be called Heart's Battles and includes the new characters introduced in book 2,Cobra and his sister Python.

    The writing will begin soon,once the wiki is up and running.Thank you for taking time to visit the wiki!

    Gigglekit enjoys the


    why can't


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